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Trans Dermal Nutrient Infusions

Trans Dermal Nutrient Infusions are a safe, gentle and non-invasive skin healing, revitalising and regenerating treatment that is ideal for all skin types and colours.

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      The skin’s lipid barrier (the oil barrier between skin cells layers) in the epidermis protects the entry of external compounds from the environment. Therefore only a fraction of the ingredients in our skincare products actually penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where they need to perform.

      Nutrient is a substance that provides nourishment essential for the maintenance of life and for growth. The key goal here is to nourish your skin cell with a customised blend of concentrated nutrients deep into the skin which help normalise skin cell and tissue function. This makes them more readily bio-available to the skin cells which enhances regeneration of new and damaged skin tissue. A healthy homeostasis is achieved where cells have healthy DNA and membrane allowing cell nutrient intake and expulsion of waste products more effectively.

      Trans-Dermal Nutrient Infusions are customised to treat your skin concerns with the utmost safety using two technologies, MicroCurrent Iontophoresis combined with Ultrasound Sonophoresis. This combination increases both the penetration of the nutrients into the skin and the skin’s absorption rate into the deeper layers by 70-80%, making it a very effective method of ingredient-delivery to intensely hydrate, repair, heal and protect your skin cell health.

      This nurturing improves your skin’s barrier function, restoring your skin health while regenerating healthy new skin tissue. Hence it is a perfect treatment for sensitive, compromised skins, rosacea, eczema, oily, acne prone, dull/dehydrated, oily, pre-mature and ageing skin, or in fact anyone who wishes to enhance the health of their skin. Dramatic and visible skin health improvement to various skin conditions delivered include a healthy radiance, glow, clarity, smooth texture and even tone of a beautiful and youthful looking skin complexion.