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Swedish Massage, Cupping massage, Thai Massage, Stretching, Wood Therapy

Our RMT’s provide customized treatments that best suits the individuality of each client. Our treatments are result-focussed, to help you reduce pain, relieve muscle tension, correct posture, improve mood and reduce stress.

We offering also adds on as: CBD Oil, Sugar Salt Scrub, Epsom Salt Bath.

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      Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

      Similar to a Swedish massage, the Deep Tissue massage therapy releases chronic muscle tension, focusing on realigning the deepest layers of muscles and connective tissue with slow strokes and firm pressure. Deep Tissue Massage therapy is recommended for clients who want to focus on specific concerns such as chronic aches and injury rehabilitation. It is also helpful for relieving osteoarthritis pain.

      Myofascial Release Therapy

      The Myofascial release therapy helps to ease chronic pain disorder caused by sensitivity and tightness in your myofascial tissues. Our Registered Massage Therapists use various techniques from skin rolling, stretching, and cupping. It promotes overall body circulation and separates soft tissue adhesions.

      Pre and Post-Natal Massage Therapy

      Who better deserves “me-time” more than moms-to-be? Headaches, swelling, leg cramps, neck sores, and backaches are the kinds of discomfort mothers-to-be experience on the daily. Prenatal massage is a healthy way to promote overall wellness during pregnancy. Massage away the pains and strains of pregnancy with a prenatal massage therapy at our medical spa.