How The Aquagold® Can Help You

Some skin treatments are not for everyone. For some, one reason that they stay away from skin treatments is that they do not like needles, and they wish to avoid the “work done” look of some collagen treatments. While they dislike the texture of their skin even less, their fear of needles keeps them from their best possible skin and texture treatment.

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      For those with such a fear, there is the Aquagold®, a microchanneling treatment that uses 24-karat gold needles. Each needle is smaller than a hair, which does not bruise the skin nor necessitate any downtime; once you receive the Aquagold® treatment you can return to a regular schedule with almost no problem. The device can deliver products such as dermal filler, muscle relaxants, retinol, anti-oxidants, and even platelet-rich plasma directly into the skin surface.

      Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a main ingredient of the Aquagold treatment, which uses a concentrated form of the patient’s own platelets to quicken the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints. It also acts as a natural collagen filler to help rejuvenate the skin in place of collagen treatments and can help create a softer texture. There is also no chance of an allergic reaction considering that the plasma comes from the patients own body. When used as part of treatment, PRP therapy can:

      • Act as an antioxidant and hydrate the skin.
      • Improve the tone and texture of the skin.
      • Stimulate collagen and elastin production to tighten and thicken the patient’s skin.
      • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, creating a more youthful texture. 

      How It Works

      As the Aquagold® penetrates past the natural collagen barrier of the skin. By doing so, it can be absorbed more efficiently by the patient’s own collagen, increasing the duration of the treatment. This can result in healthier, more vibrant skin and make the texture far softer and smoother. Aquagold® can help treat such cosmetic facial issues as:

      • Acne scarring and other texture issues
      • Decreased skin elasticity
      • Fine lines and wrinkles
      • Loss of facial volume

      In general, Aquagold® can be used to enhance the skin’s own collagen in order to give the patient’s own skin a better texture and appearance. This skin and texture treatment can be fully customized to match the patient’s needs, and other ingredients can be added to maximize results. Also, improvements in skin texture will be seen over months; patients should not expect immediate results.

      We can help your collagen give you the skin texture you want. For more information, please contact us today to book an appointment. We can discuss your collagen treatment and how we can best deal with your skin at our leisure.