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It’s no secret that cellulite is a common problem among women. We will help you to get rid of fat deposits and correct your body in the shortest time possible.

Solea Brickell Spa offers a full-body anti-cellulite LPG massage:

  • Buttocks and thighs
    We will help you to get rid of the “orange peel”, reduce fat deposits, and smooth out cellulite.
  • Arms
    We will solve the problem of loose skin on the arms, tighten the skin in the triceps area, and eliminate sagging.
  • Body sides
    We will eliminate excess subcutaneous fat and remove unnecessary folds on the sides.
  • Belly
    We will remove unwanted inches, reduce the waist, tighten sagging skin, hide stretch marks.
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      What is it? How does it work?

      LPG massage is a technique that uses a special device to correct body flaws. A special attachment, which consists of massage rollers and a vacuum system, is used for this purpose. This combination is perfect in helping to achieve the desired result.

      Anti-cellulite LPG massage stimulates:

      • Metabolism in fat cells under the skin Thanks to the vacuum, they are broken down, become free of fat, and excess fluid leaves the body.
      • Blood circulation in tissues and lymphatic outflow. Skin regeneration processes are improved, and swelling (as well as the volume of body parts) is reduced.
      • Active production of collagen in the skin, which improves its elasticity and firmness and eliminates toxins.

      FDA approved

      How is the procedure performed?

      1. Consultation with a healthcare practitioner

      Each new client at Solea Brickell Spa takes a consultation with a licensed healthcare practitioner. If there’s no contraindications to the procedure, our health care practitioner prescribes a program of LPG massage—the number of sessions—taking into account the condition of the problem areas. Our health care practitioner may send the client for tests to the laboratory at the salon before the start of the course, if necessary.

      2. Body preparation

      It is obligatory to make measurements of the volume of the treated body areas before the procedure. This is necessary so that at the end of the course, you can see the results achieved and compare them with what it was before the LPG therapy. You can also take a full-length photo to evaluate the result before and after.

      Then the client puts on a special bodysuit. For what?

      • The bodysuit softens the action of the attachment on the skin, avoiding its damage, and free of pain.
      • It increases the effectiveness of the procedure, and the body relaxes due to the lack of discomfort.
      • It also ensures proper hygienic conditions. The client uses the same bodysuit for the entire course. The attachment has no direct contact with the client’s body.
      • The bodysuit also helps the hand piece glide easily over the problem areas of the body, thanks to the elastic fabric of the bodysuit.

      3. Massage

      The massage therapist adjusts the mode of operation of the device (speed and number of rotating rollers). They gently treat the problem areas of the body with the attachment for 20–40 minutes (depending on their condition, quantity, and the desired result). Skin folds are sucked by vacuum into a chamber (hand piece) and massaged by rollers.

      To achieve the desired effect—an attractive body—it is recommended to undergo 10 or more sessions (depending on the manifestation of cellulite). It is better to do it every other day in the morning.

      4. Rehabilitation

      There is no rehabilitation period after LPG therapy as such. Once the procedure is complete, the patient can return to their normal lifestyle.

      Why us?

      Innovative equipment

      At Solea Brickell Spa, we use modern and high-tech equipment during LPG therapy, which guarantees high results and the safety of the procedure.

      For example, when performing anti-cellulite LPG massage, we use the Alliance endermologie® patented attachment (new technology). By stimulating fat cells and restoring their natural processes, it softens the skin, makes it smooth and taut. It promotes the release of fat from adipose tissue, improves blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

      We also use the Venus Legacy™ device at our clinic. It can be used in combination with LPG massage or on its own. It allows deep heating of tissues due to the influence of radiofrequencies and electromagnetic fields. Such heating combined with a vacuum reduces the volume of fat cells and the severity of cellulite.

      Experienced, licensed professionals

      We employ professionals who have been trained and have the respective certificates. Our specialists have a license for medical practice and regularly attend courses to improve their skills in aesthetic medicine.

      Individual approach

      At our spa, we are reverent with each client. A licensed health care practitioner advises the client on everything they are interested in and suggests the best solution for their circumstances. They analyze not only cellulite problems but also the patient’s general health. Then a step-by-step plan of body transformation is made based on the number of defects on the skin, preferences, and wishes of the client.

      Before and after LPG massage

      Our wellness center guarantees the following results after a course of LPG massage:

      • Less manifestations of cellulite
      • Less stretch marks on the skin (after dramatic weight loss or pregnancy), scarring, and scars
      • Reduced volume of problem areas of the body (bell, hips, buttocks, and thighs)
      • Improved skin firmness and elasticity, absence of the “orange peel”
      • Feeling of lightness and improvement in the client’s general well-being.

      Noticeable changes from LPG therapy come after the third session, and with each new session, the patient sees even more changes. For best results it is necessary to take a course of 10–15 sessions.

      Advantages of LPG therapy

      The result is achieved without dieting

      There is no need to torture yourself with grueling and painful diets and to keep track of the calories consumed. You can have an attractive body that you don’t have to be embarrassed about without much effort by taking a massage course.

      Painless procedure

      LPG massage is a non-invasive method of fighting fat deposits. They are eliminated from the body naturally. The skin does not need to be pierced or cut, as is the case with liposuction (removal of fat deposits by surgery).

      The client only feels pressure on the muscles and no pain during the session. On the contrary, the procedure has a soothing effect on the client and relaxes the body. There are no bruises after anti-cellulite LPG massage (vessels are not damaged), like with manual massage.


      LPG therapy is a harmless procedure to eliminate cellulite. It can be done every day or three times a week. Before the massage, a diagnosis is made and contraindications are identified. The course can be repeated many times, as it does not affect the body negatively. Approved by FDA.


      It is possible to get rid of cellulite and have firm, smooth skin in a short period of time. This is confirmed by the many positive reviews from women who have undergone the course.

      For example, after 15 sessions of LPG massage, you can reduce the circumference of the hips by 1.5–2.0 inches, the abdomen circumference by 2.0–2.5 inches, and the waist circumference by 1.0–1.5 inches.

      There is no rehabilitation period

      After the procedure, the client does not need to observe any restrictions.

      The only disadvantage of LPG massage is the long duration of the course. One session is not enough for the result to be evident. You need to go through 15–20 sessions.



      • First days of the menstrual cycle
      • Pregnancy
      • Lactation
      • Respiratory infectious diseases.


      • Poor blood clotting
      • Cancer diseases
      • Thrombosis
      • Varicose veins
      • Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders
      • Skin diseases (including a large number of moles and papillomas)
      • Pathologies of the heart and nervous system.


      What is better: Manual massage or LPG therapy?

      Manual anti-cellulite massage can leave hematomas and bruises. LPG therapy is less traumatic and pain-free. It is more hygienic—the client puts on a special bodysuit before the procedure. And most importantly, LPG therapy is more effective due to rotating rollers in combination with a vacuum.

      How long does the result last?

      The effect of anti-cellulite LPG massage lasts for 4–5 months. To maintain it and prevent the recurrence of cellulite and fatty deposits, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

      What are the recommendations before and after the procedure?

      It is recommended to drink plenty of water (3–4 glasses) before the massage. The effectiveness of the procedure will depend on this, as it will help restore water balance in the skin more quickly. It is also a good idea to avoid eating low-calorie foods a few hours before the session.

      You also need to drink a lot of water after the procedure. The lymph drainage effect (circulation of lymph) lasts up to 6 hours after the massage, and the body needs enough water (4 glasses). You can eat 2–3 hours after the session. You should try to limit the consumption of sweets, fatty and fried foods in the future. But you shouldn’t diet radically.