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Laser Hair Removal at Solea Brickell Spa

Are you tired of fighting unwanted facial and body hair? Do you want to get permanently smooth skin without excess hair quickly and safely?

At Solea Brickell Spa, we successfully cope with this problem by offering laser hair removal for men and women.

Learn more about this most modern and effective way to remove unwanted hair. Let’s see why you’ll get the results you want with us.

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      Laser hair removal prices

      We divide all areas for hair removal into 3 zones. Below is a detailed description of each zone.


      (from $55 per session)

      • Chin
      • Upper Lip
      • Underarm
      • Neck Line
      • Ears
      • Nipples
      • Navel (under belly bottom)


      (from $100 per session)

      • Full Face
      • Half Arms
      • Half Legs
      • Bikini Line
      • Beard Line
      • Half Abdomen
      • Half Chest
      • Half Back


      (from $200 per session)

      • Brazilian Bikini (including buttocks)
      • Full Legs
      • Full Arms
      • Full Back
      • Full Chest

      You can learn more about the prices and packages at our spa. We will tell you about the most advantageous solution during the first complementary consultation.

      We have carefully selected packages of 6 and 12 treatments to ensure that our clients always get a good deal. You can choose one or two areas to be treated from each zone. Take advantage of one of these packages! Our low prices make laser removal a more affordable service.

      What should you expect after this procedure?

      A small amount of hair falls out (15-20%) after the first session. The rest, exposed to the treatment, fall out during the next two weeks.

      The laser is designed for removing hairs in the active growth phase. You have to wait for the anagen stage for all the hair and then remove it, to achieve silky skin for a long time.

      Therefore, during the first consultation, the doctor, after examining the client, decides how many treatments should be done (6-12 sessions) and the interval between them (1-2 months). With each treatment, fewer hairs will appear.

      After the complete course:

      • You will forget about unwanted facial/body hair
      • You won’t need a razor, tweezers, or wax anymore
      • You will get soft and smooth skin without hair.

      The result of laser hair removal lasts from 2 to 5 years. Removal of up to 95% of facial/body hair. The second course will require fewer procedures (3-5 sessions) to stop the growth of newly grown hairs.

      What kind of laser do we use?

      At Solea Brickell Spa, we use the following lasers to remove hair:

      • The alexandrite laser

        The hair is heated and burned, including the bulb, under the influence of heat, which occurs due to the lasers’ light energy.

        Advantage: The client is freed from most of the treated hairs right after the session. There is no need to wait weeks for a root of shaved hair to grow and fall out.

        Suitable more for fair skin with dark hair. It also removes fine lanugo hair curls.

      • The YAG neodymium laser

        The long-pulse laser beam is designed for follicle destruction, not melanin. The bulb and the remaining part of the hair under the skin die off and fall out.

        Advantage: The client feels fewer pain sensations during the procedure. Thanks to the speed mode and the possibility to cover a larger area with a single flash, the duration of the session is reduced.

        Suitable for different skin colors – for a swarthy or tanned body, too. Easily copes with blond hair.

      Stages of laser hair removal

      1. Consultation. In the beginning, the cosmetologist:

      • Discusses with the client what result they want to achieve with laser hair removal
      • Asks about the presence of chronic diseases, excludes contraindications
      • Assesses the condition of the client’s epidermis, its shade, as well as the color and structure of the hair
      • Offers the client an individual course of removal of unwanted hair
      • Determines the exact number of procedures required
      • Selects the appropriate laser for the client’s needs.

      2. Preparation for the procedure. The cosmetologist prepares the area where the hairs will be removed:

      • Shaves the skin if necessary
      • Puts on special glasses and gives one pair to the client to protect their eyes from laser radiation.

      3. Laser exposure. When the procedure begins, the doctor:

      • Traces the area to be treated and gently runs the nozzle over the client’s skin in even strokes
      • Moves the nozzle to the next area after each flash
      • Uses the cooling system built into the nozzle (contact cooling uses a metal manipula, and non-contact cooling uses special three-circuit systems) to make the procedure more comfortable for the client
      • Applies a soothing cream to the treated area in the end.

      Advantages of laser hair removal

      • Safety. Laser beams act locally on melanin and the hair follicle. The surrounding tissues, lymph nodes, and organs are not damaged. The skin is also not damaged. The risk of infection and side effects is excluded – except for redness of treated areas on the first day.
      • Painlessness. The client tolerates the procedure thanks to the cooling system. They only feel a slight tingling. If the client has an increased sensitivity to pain, the doctor first applies an anesthetic spray on the treated area.
      • Effectiveness. The result – soft, velvety skin without unwanted hair – is noticeable after the first session and lasts for several years.
      • Cost-effectiveness. Laser removal helps you save a lot of money. If you remove unwanted hair using other known methods and add up all the time/money spent for 2-5 years, the amount is twice as much as if you choose laser hair removal.

      Laser or IPL?

      Both hair removal methods have a similar working principle: the follicle is heated and destroyed, which prevents the growing of hair.

      But they have differences:

      • Intense pulsed light has a wide range of light waves – the exposure radius is larger, – and the laser beam is narrower and has an optimal length. For example, it’s like comparing the light from a flashlight or the dot from a laser. The beam does not affect the surrounding tissues – pigments of the epidermis, vessels. It is aimed precisely at the follicle
      • The hair follicle receives less energy with IPL. Therefore, IPL requires more procedures – which is more expensive – and is less effective
      • IPL is more painful – there is no built-in cooling system
      • The IPL procedures are not performed on black skin or those with blond hair, treating a narrower range of skin/hair types than laser.

      Laser hair removal is in a better position compared to IPL.

      Indications and contraindications

      It is worth resorting to laser hair removal if:

      • You have large amounts of unwanted facial/body hair
      • The hairs are particularly observable, dark, or, conversely, too light
      • They grow back quickly after standard removal methods
      • Using a razor or wax causes irritation, redness, and itching on the skin
      • The hair is prone to ingrowth
      • There is a blue beard effect, where the dark hair is visible under the skin
      • You just want to get rid of the constant struggle with excess facial/body hair for a long time.

      When is laser hair removal contraindicated?

      • Pregnancy, lactation
      • Skin viral diseases in the acute stage (like herpes)
      • Diabetes mellitus
      • Blood or cardiovascular system diseases
      • Varicose veins
      • Cancer diseases
      • Mental disorders (epilepsy)
      • Damage to the skin at the place of hair removal, tattoos
      • Fresh tan (2 weeks before the session)
      • Antibiotic medication
      • Cold or infectious diseases
      • A large number of birthmarks on the intended area for hair removal.

      What equipment do we use?

      At Solea Brickell Spa, we use the latest version of Syneron Candela Gentlemax Pro to remove excess hair.

      The advantages of this device:

      • It removes even very light hairs (long pulse wave combined with high-energy density is directed precisely to the follicle)
      • It is excellent for treating different skin types because it has two wavelengths (755 nm and 1,064 nm)
      • It is easy to use thanks to the touch panel, which helps to adjust the optimal settings for the client
      • It is equipped with dynamic skin cooling technology (discomfort during the procedure is minimal)
      • It removes unwanted hairs quickly due to the large spot diameter (the skin area covered by a single flash) – up to 24 mm.

      After the consultation, our specialist, with nine years of experience in this field, selects individual settings for each client. This allows the client to confidently achieve their goal and get the desired result.

      Recommendations after laser hair removal

      After laser hair removal, the skin needs gentle care – it becomes more sensitive.

      It is not recommended:

      • To visit a bathhouse or sauna – the skin can get irritated, and inflammation may occur if the dirt gets into the enlarged pores
      • To sunbathe or go to the tanning bed for at least 2 weeks after the procedure
      • To take hot baths or shower, rub your skin with a sponge
      • To use scrubs, peels
      • To massage, scratch the treated area
      • To use other methods of hair removal between sessions, as it reduces the effectiveness of laser hair removal (if necessary, you can use a razor, but very carefully).

      What is worth doing?

      • Protecting your skin from direct sunlight, using sunscreen
      • Wearing loose clothing to avoid irritating it
      • Asking the doctor if you have any additional questions.

      Before and after


      How long does this procedure take?

      The duration depends on the area to be treated:

      • Entire bikini area – 25-30 minutes
      • Face – 15-20 minutes
      • Complete leg area – 50-80 minutes
      • Arms – 15-25 minutes
      • Armpits – 5-10 minutes.

      Does laser hair removal hurt?

      No, it doesn’t. The laser has a built-in cooling system, which creates an analgesic effect and provides the client with comfort and painlessness during the session. Or a special cooling gel is applied to the skin before hair removal to reduce pain. If the skin is sensitive, the beautician uses local anesthesia. For example, applies a spray of lidocaine to the area to be treated.

      Does hair grow back after laser hair removal?

      Yes, and you shouldn’t be surprised. The laser removes the roots of hairs in the active stage of growth. Dormant hair follicles are not exposed to the laser beam during the procedure. Another session is necessary when they enter the anagen stage (in 1.5-2 months). You need a course of procedures for the complete removal of unwanted hair. Only then the face/body will finally become smooth and silky.

      How is this procedure different from depilation?

      Depilation means the removal of the hair above the skin with preservation of the follicle. It includes shaving, using tweezers or wax, and sugaring. That is, only part of the hair is removed during depilation (the one on the surface). It recovers and growing again after 3-5 weeks.

      Laser hair removal involves removing the hair with the root, the capillaries that feed it, and the stem cells from which the follicle is formed. Such removal of unwanted hair has a long-term effect (2-5 years).

      How to prepare for laser hair removal?

      Here is a list of basic recommendations before the procedure:

      • Avoid waxing or using tweezers 2-3 weeks before the procedure (you can carefully use a razor)
      • It is not recommended to sunbathe or visit a solarium 14 days before the procedure
      • You must not take antibiotics for two weeks before the procedure
      • You should use sunscreen
      • It is necessary to shave the area to be treated one day before the procedure (the area to be treated must be free of hair)
      • You should apply creams, oils, lotions, deodorants to the skin on the day of hair removal (it must be clean).