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Intravenous Therapy in Miami

Get your IV drips at Solea Brickell Spa.

With us, you will:

  • Feel better and replenished
  • Notice the results immediately
  • Have a certified assistant at your side
  • Spend as little as 40 minutes on treatment
  • Have an option for in-home care
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      What is IV therapy?

      Intravenous therapy (also known as “IV drips”) is a recovery procedure in which a solution containing the necessary substances and vitamins is administered into your bloodstream through a drip.


      Consider IV Therapy if you’re experiencing:

      • Hangover
      • Exhaustion
      • Loss of strength or energy
      • Skin quality deterioration
      • Intoxication
      • Stress
      • Frequent colds
      If you’re asking yourself: “Where can I find IV therapy near me?”
      - We are here to help!

      Why us?

      Solea Brickell Spa is a licensed medical and wellness center. We use FDA-approved infusion products to minimize potential risks and employ qualified health care professionals who strictly follow the required safety precautions.


      1. Highly bioavailable substances with up to 90% absorption rate
      2. Individualized chemical composition based on your personal needs
      3. Quick recovery after crisis and fast improvement of overall health


      1. Select a vitamin infusion option: The decision should be based on your condition and the result you want to see after the procedure.
      2. Consult a healthcare professional: Contact a doctor to discuss your preferences and schedule a blood test (if necessary).
      3. Meet your medical assistant: Come to us in-person or wait for us to visit you at home. In any case, we’ll have everything you need for your procedure.
      4. Wait and relax: Prepare yourself for beneficial IV hydration. We will stay with you until the procedure is complete.

      Your IV therapy options:

      Solea Clarity NAD+ … 390$

      Solea Hydration … 200$

      Solea Hangover … 220$

      Solea Metabolism Booster … 210$

      Solea Athletic … 240$

      Solea Immunity Boost … 220$

      Solea Beauty Glow … 200$

      Solea Menstrual Relief … 240$

      Solea Ultimate IV … 260$

      How will you feel after therapy?

      After just one session, you will feel refreshed and full of energy. After a full course of procedures, any vitamin deficiencies you may have will be replenished. IV Therapy will accelerate your metabolic process, improve the quality of skin, increase the overall energy level or stress resistance, and will restore a healthy sleep pattern.


      How often may I get IV Therapy?

      It depends. There are cases where you need a course of up to 10 sessions. Nevertheless, a single IV drip will help you get rid of a hangover or intoxication.

      Is getting IV drips once a week a good idea?

      It may be, especially if you do a round of procedures. First and foremost, always consult with your doctor to make sure you have no contraindications (heart/kidney failure, blood clotting disorders, or cancer).

      How long does the effect of an IV drip last?

      This depends on your body. The general effect of an IV session usually lasts around 4 days. In some cases, you may feel its positive impact for up to 2 weeks.