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Do you want clean, glowing, and healthy skin? At Solea Brickell Spa, we offer a unique procedure – deep facial pore cleansing. This painless and safe treatment will completely transform your skin. Don’t put off taking care of your skin. Achieve flawless results at Solea Brickell Spa!

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      Who is this service for?

      This service is recommended for men/women who struggle with the following issues:

      • Acne or pimples
      • Oily, sagging skin 
      • Enlarged clogged pores 
      • Skin pollution from dust and dirt 
      • Pigmentation spots 
      • Dark circles under the eyes 
      • Early wrinkles 
      • Blackheads or white bumps 
      • Uneven tone and texture 
      • Loss of elasticity

      What is deep facial pore cleansing?

      The procedure is designed to remove excess sebum (secretion from sebaceous glands), dead cells, and various pollutants from the pores. Deep cleansing helps to get rid of breakouts, wrinkles, and dehydration while improving the condition and texture of the skin. Inflammation is reduced, and your complexion appears refreshed with a healthy glow.

      Deep cleansing of facial pores

      How does it work?

      A cosmetologist opens pores, gaining wider access to the inner problems of the skin.

      The facial oxygenation procedure by Intraceuticals involves the application of a mixture of hyperbaric oxygen o r pureoxygen and anti-aging serum to the face through an aerograph under high pressure.

      Oxygen deeply penetrates epithelial cells, normalizing the metabolic process in them, and accelerating cell renewal. It revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin, as well as clears the pores, allowing oils and sebum to flow freely out of the skin without accumulating inside the pores.


      • Sensitive skin. 
      • Herpes or other infections or inflammations. 
      • Damaged, injured, or burned skin. 
      • Allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

      What effects can you expect from the deep pore cleansing procedure?

      • The face instantly appears plump, smoothed, and any red spots disappear. 
      • The skin is hydrated, smooth, and firmer, making it easier to apply makeup. 
      • Pores are cleansed of oily build-up, and the sebaceous glands are normalized. Deep impurities and dead skin cells are removed from the pores, reducing their size. Skin care products penetrate deeply and easily.
      • Exfoliation of dead cells and keratinized particles improve the texture of the skin, making it smooth and uniform. 
      • Inflammatory eruptions and irritations, such as acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, are reduced. 
      • Uneven skin tone is evened out, resulting in a healthy, fresh appearance, while pigmentation spots are lightened. 
      • Natural cell regeneration is increased, leading to younger-looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. 
      • Blood circulation is improved, and damaged cells are repaired. The skin is toned, lifted, and strengthened.

      Stages of Deep Pore Facial

      1. Consultation. Our cosmetologist will determine the problems you’re struggling with, and determine the results you want to achieve. They will examine your face and evaluate the condition of your skin. Depending on the type of problem, they will select a suitable treatment for you and assign a certain number of sessions.
      2. Preparation. The cosmetologist cleanses your skin from makeup and surface dirt using cosmetic products. They use steam to open the client’s pores and soften the epithelium. Next, they exfoliate the face using an exfoliant, removing all dead cells, dirt, and other debris. The cosmetologist gets a better view of the pores and can work with them at a deep level.
      3. Deep extraction of facial pores. Our specialist uses oxygen in the process of cleaning the pores. Together with nutrients, it penetrates deep layers of the skin, improving its nutrition and renewal. The use of oxygen improves the color and texture of the skin, reduces inflammation, and stimulates regeneration. Then, the cosmetologist extracts all white/blackheads using special tools.
      4. Soothing Procedures. After deep cleansing, our cosmetologist performs a relaxing facial massage. They may combine it with LPG lifting massage. Then, they apply a mask to calm and restore the skin after the procedure and prevent redness. Finally, they apply a moisturizing cream to the face to keep moisture in the skin and protect it from negative environmental influences. They may advise the client on how to keep their skin clean. After the procedure, the skin becomes fresh, moisturized, and radiantly beautiful.

      Deep Pore Facial Price

      Deep Pore Facial
      (1 session) … 180$

      Deep Pore Cleansing is part of the double facials, can be performed with an oxygen infusion, or face massage or LPG lifting massage

      It can also be added to HydraFacial treatments + $80  to regular priced HydraFacial $199 ( $900 Package of 5)


      Is this procedure safe?

      Yes, it is safe when performed by a competent and experienced cosmetologist. It can be done for both men and women over 25 years old. The client does not experience any pain during the session, in fact, the procedure can help to relax. The integrity of the skin is not compromised. Allergic reactions such as irritation or redness may occur from the products used, so a test can be done beforehand.

      What qualifications do our specialists have?

      The deep pore cleansing at Solea Brickell Spa is done by the best cosmetologists with extensive experience and a license, such as Anna Shalimov, Glavya Barrios Castillo, and Andrea Rodriguez. They have the necessary education and certification in the field of cosmetology, along with professional skills for skincare. They continuously improve and stay up to date with the latest innovations in the field. They carefully analyze the client’s problem, provide consultations, and skillfully tailor the treatment to help improve your skin and achieve the expected results. You are in good hands with us!

      How long does the procedure take, and how long does the effect last?

      The duration of the procedure depends on the condition of your skin and typically takes about an hour on average. The exact session time is determined by the cosmetologist after evaluating the epithelium.

      The result is noticeable after the first visit. To maintain the effect, several procedures may be necessary. The exact number of sessions and interval time between them is determined by the specialist, taking into account the characteristics of your skin.

      The effect of the procedure can last for several months. To maintain optimal skin condition, it is recommended to regularly go through sessions as the skin is continuously exposed to various factors, such as stress, dust, environmental pollution, and hormonal changes. Following the specialist’s recommended skin care routine at home is also important to extend the effect of the procedure.