Find A Present For A Man Who Might Seem To Have Everything

10 Dec

Find A Present For A Man Who Might Seem To Have Everything

It is always a challenge to find a present for a man who might seem to have everything. Sometimes these men do not pay due attention to skin, body, and personal appearance. There might be some issues such as acne, dry skin, balding, extra fat tissue that a Medical Spa can treat. If your father or husband struggling with male pattern baldness, Solea Brickell Spa in Miami recommends platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment that restores hair growth. PRP therapy might become the most desirable gift for a man getting thin on top. Not only women are recommended to get medical spa treatments.

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Work?

According to Medical News Today, male pattern baldness can be assisted with injections of plasma from a patient’s own blood. As the plasma is separated from the blood, it develops into a useful compound that can then be used to rejuvenate the follicles of hair in the patient’s head. Medical News Today describes how platelets are natural cells that heal wounds. There are valuable proteins contained in platelet-rich plasma that expedite the process of tissue repair. The proteins are inserted into the hurting areas of your scalp. This helps damaged hair follicles know that they have assistance in attempting to grow your hair.

The human body has a marvelous cellular communication network that just needs a little nudge from diet and treatment to get it into the process of self-repair. We take advantage of that innate ability to heal by using the body’s own natural materials to reconstruct hair. Our specialists strive to help people recover their lost hair.

Medical News Today reports on the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma treatment. There was research done to study if PRP can help the balding population. 23 male patients of age 16-63 who are prone to alopecia were invited to participate in the study. The conclusion of the research states that PRP therapy stimulates follicular blood vessel formation, which is the major factor contributing to active hair growth without causing side effects. So, PRP is considered an effective treatment against balding.

We value the expectations and demands of each of our clients. Recovering from baldness is not a hopeless idea. The Stem Cells Translational Medicine research showed that PRP is an effective treatment to prevent alopecia, especially in men. You can gift this opportunity to your loved ones as a present and contribute to their journey in hair recovery. Please contact Solea Brickell Spa in Miami today in order to get a consultation for PRP therapy and gift certificate options!